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Fit’, quite a general word to use. As we have discussed this before as well in ‘What are your biggest struggles/roadblocks when it comes to achieving your fitness goals?’
So, how can one remain or do a progression in his/her specific fitness model without getting into the gymnasium ? Again as we have discussed this before, fitness is task specific, if someone’s goal is to be more efficient in his day to day life. So yes, in this case you can remain or get fit without letting yourself at the gymnasium.
Bodyweight Exercises, Calisthenics, Pilates, Animal flow are some of the types of movements which one can follow at their good place, with least to no equipment.
What do you mean by Bodyweight exercises ?
Bodyweight exercises are the strength-training exercises that uses individual’s own weight to provide resistance against gravity. For example in push ups you’re almost lifting half of your body weight, so in this case it’s the resistance which your upper body is handling; during squats you’re lifting your entire bodyweight, so forth and so on. So, what we have seen over here is this that in any case the greatest you can lift is your body weight, right? So by considering the factors of progressive overload which are:

  • Poundage
  • Repetition
  • Speed
  • Range of Motion
  • Form and technique.

    The factors on which a trainee has it’s control over are, number of repetitions, speed, range of motion and form and technique. One factor which is lacking behind and is the most important one as far as the strength training is concerned is progression in poundage. As the most weight one can lift while performing bodyweight exercises is their own bodyweight, which makes us to not being able to improve our strength. But, as this famous statement suggests, ‘half a loaf is better than none’. We can still do something rather than blaming the facilities. Home workouts are efficient for the those who want to get more and more efficient in their regular tasks. The one goal which should always be their in every single human body is that, your physical body should never be a hurdle while performing any basic day to day tasks. As human body is capable of performing endless number of things, it’s your mind you need to train more. No one in this world thought that there’ll be a 501 kgs of deadlift ever, but yes it happened. It’s all about the constant progression and the kind of mindset you have. What is it which is driving you to do this? Do you have a purpose? Are you aware of all kinds of advantages or disadvantages which you can face? How’s the cost to benefit ratio? These are some of the basic questions which one should ask before starting anything new in his/her life. Rather than procrastinating stuffs one can just start with whatever he/she has. And he/she will definitely be in a better state tomorrow than today.

    As we all know, life is the biggest sport. So, are you fit enough to tackle the challenges which are being thrown or will come in the near future? No one in this world thought of Covid 19 or Coronavirus, but it came. ‘Fittest survives’, this is the law of nature. If a rabbit was the strongest, fastest or smartest animal then lion wouldn’t be the king of the jungle. Being fit was and should never be a luxury or period specific, it should always be a necessity. As we don’t know, what is coming next?
    Stay fit, let your brain not body decide whether to perform a task or not.
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