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The GYM can be intimidating and life can get busy! Here at Fit Man, we know that! In-Home Personal Training helps to bridge the gap between your busy schedule and the inconvenience of going to the gym. When you have a certified personal trainer, you are able to have someone objectively help you achieve your fitness goals! You get workouts tailored to your fitness needs while training in your home!

You are able to build a relationship with someone whose focus is to help you achieve your fitness goals without the pressure or intimidation of an unfamiliar location. In-home personal training gives you the mobility to have access to a workout even with a busy schedule! Are you paying amenity fees at your apartment? Put them to use with the help of a personal trainer that will help you learn how to properly exercise effectively!

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Exercise Science Expert

Tushar Dhooria

Exercise Science Expert, Sports Nutritionist & Personal Trainer for Special population