Table of Contents

  1. Waking up early.

Waking up early is the best give you can give it to your body. You have a big day ahead, you can plan out your day by being productive. Since early in the morning your cortisol level, that is your stress hormone is at it’s lowest and you’re more efficient towards doing your tasks in the morning, when compared to the entire day. Time is very subjective but a sleep between 5-6 hours is more than enough to make your body ready for the next day, since we should always aim for the quality of sleep rather than the quantity, as we’ll have some deep sleep cycle phases in our sleep. No matter how much you sleep, you might wake up early but not fresh, if the deep sleep cycle phases are not enough.

  1. Exercising.

Exercising for 45 – 60 minutes, is what you should aim for, if you want to live a healthy and a fit lifestyle. Since, 45 – 60 minutes is the time frame, what most of us can afford to give it to our life. But, if you’re an athlete then the whole context of this article will change since as an athlete one always aim for what is optimal. But for people like us working out for 45 – 60 minutes is more than enough, to make yourself more efficient in your work and day to day life.

  1. Making weight training your priority.

Why making weight training your priority? Since, this is the only medium which will make you efficient in your day to day life. As you know ‘life is a biggest sport’, it can throw hundreds of challenges. Are we’ll ready to face these challenges? Are you strong enough to do your work by yourself? There was one of the client, who use to ask his servant to tie his shoelaces. Since bending down forward was a big task for him. But after following the correct fitness protocol, which helped him to gain some strength in his posterior chain muscles, he was able to do a simple task of managing his shoelaces by himself, this might be sounding very stupid to you, but their are people like these in the world.

Suppose there is a situation where you have to run very fast and your body is not ready for this explosive energy. But still you’ll run somehow to meet the demand. No matter your muscle is ready for the rapid contraction or not or your heart and lungs are ready to supply the amount of oxygen your body requires. Then how will you save yourself? Come, let’s take one more relatable example, suppose there’s a situation where you have to lift a 20 kgs bag from one point and drop it to other. And if you haven’t done any physical activity in your life, you’ll think 10 times before lifting up that bag. But, if you’re following a correct fitness protocol and you’re lifting 100 kgs of deadlift from the floor, then in this case that 20 kgs of bag is no more a task for you and you’ll not think ten times before lifting that bag up, this is what you call functionality.

  1. Healthy Nutrition

Following the correct nutrition protocol is as important as following a correct fitness protocol, people say diet is 80% of your healthy and fit life, but everything is 100% important. Always remember the tripod of longevity, any of the leg breaks, you’ll ay the cost of it. And to see the changes in your internal markers, you should follow a correct nutrition protocol, and as you’ll know that fat loss i s completely dependent on your way of eating, so to see some changes in your body composition you have to be on a correct nutrition. You might be lean, but are your internal health markers portraying the same? Follow the correct nutrition protocol and see how your body reacts to it.

  1. Sleeping early

As obvious as it’s sound to get up early you have to sleep on time. And you should always try to complete your work well before you sleep, as cortisol, a stress hormone and melatonin, a sleeping hormone can never work at one time, to release one, other has to come down. So, if your cortisol levels are quite high especially before your bed time, then you’re bound to disturb your sleep. So, try finishing your work early and relax yourself with anything you like before you go for a sleep, and you’ll definitely see some changes in the quality of your sleep.